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On 14.6.2022, we organized a unique conference in Slovakia on the establishment and operation of investment funds at the Park Inn by Radisson hotel in Bratislava. This topic had a wide response as more people signed up than the maximum capacity of the space. The conference topics and programme were addressed mainly to entrepreneurs (70%), state representatives – NBS, Stock Exchange, National Assembly of the Slovak Republic (15%) and legal and tax advisors (15%).

The content and themes of the conference were constructed to reflect our experience in this area as well as client enquiries. In our experience, we structure approximately 50% of our fund structures in the regulated fund space. We adjust the rest so that some exception to regulation applies, or so that the structure in question is not considered regulated for substantive reasons. This creates investment funds and fund structures for real estate, securities, derivative operations, venture capital or crypto-assets.

The themes of the conference were:

  • the boundary between collective investment and standard equity finance or crowdfunding from a regulatory perspective;
  • the role and practice of the NBS in the exercise of supervision, the administrative and criminal implications of non-compliance with the regulatory framework;
  • types of investment funds in Slovakia and the administrative and financial cost of setting them up;
  • shareholding structures in funds; founder-investor relations;
  • taxation and accounting of funds;
  • SICAVs and investment funds of qualified investors for Slovaks in the Czech Republic;
  • Tax and regulatory implications for Slovak founders and investors in foreign funds;
  • investment funds in selected countries abroad and overlaps to Slovakia;

If you are interested in this topic, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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